Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Phone Contract Deals in the UK

For those who are not enamored with the latest iPhone 6S from Apple, there’s always the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which you can get with your phone contract deal. With 16MP camera, amazing resolution, premium metal and glass design, the latest offering from Samsung is definitely giving Apple a run for their money. Here are the best phone deals offering Samsung Galaxy S6 from across different UK networks:

1.Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB from EE

As one of the biggest network providers in the UK, EE is a good bet for your next phone contract. This particular deal features a Galaxy S6 Edge with 32GB storage at an affordable monthly fee of £32.49. The contract comes with a 24-month term featuring fast 4G service, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and a generous 5GB data. For an additional payment of £2.5 per month, you can avail the unlimited broadband feature added to your package.

2. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB from EE

Just in case you want a larger storage for your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, EE offers the phone with 64Gb storage at £34.00 per month. The 24-month 4G contract includes unlimited minutes and unlimited texts as well as 4GB data. As you can see you’d have to compromise 1GB of data in exchange for a larger storage memory for your phone.

3. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 32GB from iD Mobile

If you’re not really a heavy mobile user and you don’t need unlimited tariff, this offer from 1D Mobile is worth considering. The plan offers a free phone at £31.50 per month. Contract term is 24 moths featuring 4G connectivity and a phone tariff that includes 600 minutes, 5000 texts and 2GB data. If you want a shorter term, you can opt or iD Mobiles 12-month 4G contract, which also offers free roaming tariffs and no bill shock.

4. Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB from O2

Another attractive phone contract deal that offers a Samsung Galaxy S6 is this offer from O2, one of UK’s world-class network providers. The deal boasts a very generous phone tariff inclusive of unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 5GB data at £34 per month. Like other deals, the contract lasts for 24 months with no upfront fee and free delivery. As an O2 subscriber, you also get to enjoy priority moments like getting lunch for £1 from Boots every Monday.

5. Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB from Vodafone

Though you’ll have to pay an upfront fee of £29.99, the fixed monthly fee for this Vodafone offer is cheaper than the aforementioned phone contract deals. You’ll only pay £25 per month for 24 months and you get to enjoy fast 4G connectivity with 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB data. The data allocation, however, is not as generous and only ideal if you’re a light data user. In addition, you also get to enjoy free Netflix, Now TV, Spotify or Sky Sports if you avail the carrier’s Red Value 4G plans.


6.Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 64GB from 3

This last phone contract deal is the most expensive from the list but it also offers the most generous tariff with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data. The phone comes for free at £50 per month over a 24-month contract. The phone also boasts larger storage at 64GB plus there’s the added feature that allows you to use your services abroad at no extra cost. This particular deal is ideal for heavy users who frequently travel overseas. Even at £50, the phone tariff should be worth it given that it’s perfect for your needs.