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How to Choose the Best Handset for Your Phone Contract

Even if statistics show a staggering amount of money overspend on phone contracts, majority of mobile users in the UK still avail a phone contract because of the handset. Depending on your plan, the handset usually comes for free as part of the package. Other than your phone tariff, it’s the handset aspect that can affect your fixed monthly fee. Here’s how to choose a handset that will allow you to get the most value out of your plan:


Know your budget

You shouldn’t start shopping for a handset unless you know your budget. Because you’re going to get into a lengthy contract, your budget should be a key deciding factor. This means foregoing the latest handset unless you can afford the monthly fee. Sit down and determine how much you can afford per month for your phone bill then limit your options within your set budget range.

Research phone features

In order for you to choose the right handset, a little research of key phone features will go a long way. You can start off with the operating system. There are three major choices with your phone’s OS and they include Apple’s iOS, Android and Windows Phone. If you can pick an OS right away, it will be easier to trim down your options. If you can’t make up your mind, you can always move forward by comparing other key features such as screen size, processor, storage, camera, battery life and more.

At this point, it will all boil down to preference. While still keeping your budget in mind, you need to look for a handset that is in sync with what you intend to use the mobile phone for. If you were going to do a lot of browsing or playing games on your phone, for example, then you’d need a handset with a fast processor and longer battery life. If you’re going to take lots of photos with your phone then look for a handset with excellent camera features.

Read user reviews

Once you’ve picked the top three handsets that fit both your budget and your preference, you can read user reviews for each handset to help you finalize your decision. You can read user and expert reviews or seek recommendations from people you know so you’ll have a better idea of how good your handset choice really is. This is also a great way to know if there are any common issues with your handset choices. Remember that you’ll likely use your new handset for the next year or so. It’s best to make sure that you’ve picked the right model from the get go.