Best Carriers for a Phone Contract in the UK

Fortunately for mobile phone users in the UK, there are quite a number of world class carriers offering the best phone coverage across the country. Whether you’re on a budget or you’re on a hunt for the best phone deal that offers a free high-end handset, the choices are vast and plenty. From 3G to 4G contracts with tailor-made to unlimited tariffs, there are practically thousands of phone deals from across different carriers for you to choose from. To help you narrow down your options, here are quick reviews of the best UK carriers.


Biggest Mobile Network Carriers

Starting off with the biggest carriers in the UK, let’s talk about these four options:

  1. Vodafone – If you’re after owning the latest high-end handsets, Vodafone has a wide range of mobile phone deals to compare. The carrier also offers cheaper handsets to suit everyone’s needs and budget. As of 2015, Vodafone aimed for 98% 4G coverage across UK. Then there are the 4G Red plans as the carrier’s selling point offering subscribers free music streaming for 6 months.
  2. O2 – As the first carrier to sell iPhones in the UK, O2 has attracted quite a following from the get go. The carrier still continues to sell Apple’s iPhones along with other popular brands such as Samsung, LG and more. When it comes to 3G coverage, O2 has covered 99% of UK while their 4G offers continue to expand year after year.
  3. EE – EE is not only one of the largest carriers in the UK but it has now become as the carrier that offers the fastest as well as the widest 4G coverage across the country. Subscribers looking for a premium 4G service need not look further with speeds up to 60Mbps and 150Mbps in selected areas. Then there are also great incentives that make every offer event more attractive for many subscribers.
  4. Three – To beat the competition, Three came up with the One plan offer, which is not only considered by many as the best plan there is but it’s actually an award-winning offer thanks to its generous phone tariffs. Currently, Three offers one of the best 3G network with speeds up to 21Mbps. Last year, the goal was to extend its 4G service to 98% of areas in the UK.

Other Carriers to Check Out

Aside from the big four of UK carriers, there are other options to consider in case you’re not contented with what the biggest UK carriers can offer. Here are some you might want to check out:

  1. Virgin Media – If you want a phone contract teamed up with your broadband and TV series, Virgin Media offers such deals. The brand relies on EE’s extensive 3G network so you can expect fast service.
  2. GiffGaff – When it comes to best value deals, GiffGaff has been winning budget-conscious subscribers from across UK. The brand offers flexible plans at affordable monthly fees.
  3. Tesco Mobile – If GiffGaff uses EE’s network, Tesco Mobile has teamed up with O2 for their coverage. Tesco is currently UK’s largest Mobile Virtual Network Operator offering subscribers more options other than the big four’s offers.
  4. BT Mobile – If you want fast 4G connectivity, BT Mobile offers contract deals at discounted prices. Not only will you be able to save money but you also enjoy free live Premier Leave games if you’re a broadband and TV subscriber.
  5. TalkTalk – If you’re a TalkTalk broadband or landline customer, you can avail the carrier’s competitively priced phone contracts. Contracts also promise flexible terms, which is an added selling point for the network provider.